The EcoTours of Lake Tisza was started in 2017, but our tourist guides have many years of experience in the field of turism and guiding. For them their job is not a mere job, but instead it's also their hobby, their way of life. Each of them is a nature-lover who also enjoy working in the field of birdwatching or photography. Their knowledge of the local flora and fauna and their experience are a guarentee for a memorable tour.

For our foreign guests we provide our tours in English.

The kingfisher is perhaps one of the most beautiful birds in our country. We have chosen this unique animal as a symbol because it's perfectly symbolises the diversity and value of our lake.

Our guests can take a 6 passenger boat or 2, 3 or 4 passenger canoes to explore the most exciting parts of the Lake Tisza. While on their trip our guide make them feel at home not just by navigating but by telling them interesting facts about the sights.

In the case of boat trips we await 1 to 6 participants per tour. In case of canoe trips only the number of canoes are limiting the number of applicants.

During the tours lifejackets are provided which is compulsory for anyone under 16. It is important that you also prepare for our tours as well by dressing properly (layered, seasonal, possibly waterproof clothes) and make sure you bring enough to eat and drink.

For those who want to make photographs we can surely offer a quiet and peaceful environment to work in (what you can observe in our gallery). The flat design of our boat allows us to make high quality pictures even in the case of low angle. We accept applications for a maximum of 4 persons for our photographic tours. The number of participants is limited to avoid interfering with each other's work and to protect the valuable equipments.

For those who wish to come for a birding tour it's advised to bring boniculars and if you want you can tell us which species do you want see and we can plan our route accordingly. 


Water trips

Have an exciting trip at Lake Tisza accompanied by our experienced guide by either boat or canoe.

The duration of the trip is up to you so we can organise our route based on your needs and interests. We can take you to the famous Bird Reserve of Lake Tisza, explore the most hidden parts of the lake or we can just have a relaxing boating under the branches of the lakeside trees.

Lake Tisza offers a never ending caleidoscope of spectatles in every season so we expect the arrival of our dear guests from early spring 'till the end of autumn. 


The richness of bird species at Lake Tisza is truly outstanding, mainly because 157 species have been observed from the approx. 400 occuring in Hungary. It comes from this fact that every season has it's own unique birding experience.

At the end of the winter and in the early spring period besides the approx. 80 bird species whom are passing through we can also observe those 73 who are returning to their nesting areas until they leave in autumn when the migrational period starts. Despite this neither the late autumn nor the winter season is boring, because the northern neighbouring birds who fly to the lake can be observed en masse besides the birds who traditionally stay here in the winter. 


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About Lake Tisza

Here you can read about our welcoming host: Lake Tisza. We hope that while you are reading this some will be eager to try one of our tours. Be it a photography -, birdwatching or just a "mere" water trip.

The Lake Tisza was created in the 1960's. It's primary purpose was to reduce the dangers of the floods of the river Tisza. During its construction the local, previously inhabited areas were cleared while the base of the reservoir and the surrounding dam was created. The places from which they get the earth are called "kubiks". It is interesting to note that the memento of the former orchards and forests still can be seen as trunks standing in the water. These trunks are popular resting-, drying- and feeding places for the birds. After the construction was over it was followed by the first flooding of the site in 1973. In 1978 the second phase of flooding began, forming the current waterlevel of the reservoir. The current mosaic and 'thus extremely rich wildlife of the Lake was created thanks to the construction and the two phased floodings.

The Lake can be divided into 5 smaller and larger basins such as Tiszavalk-, Poroszló-, Sarud-, Abádszalók- and Tiszafüred-. In addition to the main protective functions of the lake tourism and nature conservation are already become primal.

Angling tourism is very important because the lake is very rich in fish and its an excellent angling place. Bicycle tourism is on the rising too, the whole lake can be cycled aorund using the route in the top of the barrier. Water tourism is flourishing too, where the visitors can explore the various forms of water tourism. Nowadays Lake Tisza is one of the most important and flourishing tourist destinations in Hungary with its many facilities such as well built beaches, recreational centers and restaurants.

The natural values are protected by the Hortobágy National Park Directorate. The protected parts can be divided into northern and southern areas. The northern part consists of the Bird Reserve of Lake Tisza what is located in the Tiszavalk basin. Its main goal is to protect the nesting communities and maintain their habitats. The southern area is located in the Poroszló- and Sarud basin and its main purpose is to protect the important habitats. The protected areas are covered by the Ramsar Convention and as parts of the Hortobágy National Park they are also part of the World Heritage Programme.

In terms of natural assets Lake Tisza outshines our domestic ponds and lakes in case of rich wildlife and natural habitat because the artifically created area is still quite untouched by tourism.

In regards of the flora the communities of euhydrophyte plants are one of the most important factors in the lake. Colonies of floating fern, white water liliy, or the huge mass of water chestnuts and yellow floating hearts create the distintcive scene of the lake.

The marsh vegetation is real rich in species too, the mere number of the homogeneous reeds and cattails are astonishing itself. However the colorful spots of the summer snowflake, yellow iris and the toxic but protected cowbane shine throught the homogeneous vegetation.

The woodland areas are typically willow-poplar-woodlands whose main tree species are the grey poplar and the white willow. It is worth to mention the so called "curtain communities" whose are connected to these trees, and they had their name after their distinctive look.

Specifically the wild grape species and the common hop, white virgin's bower, or the originally foreign prickly cucumber are climbing into the trees creating various coloured communities in the autumn.

The fauna of the Lake Tisza is also prominent. Among the arthropods we should mention the Tisza mayfly, which is Hungary's biggest mayfly species and altought it has a short lifespawn but it gives a truly memorable sight for those who visit us in the event of it's "wedding ceremony". There are several arthropods besides this one, like the colorful dragonfly species or the pond skaters who are constantly on the run, "skating" on the surface of the water.

The reservoir is also very rich in fish species. So far 54 species have been detected. This richness of species is due to the fact that the lake is mainly (but not perfectly) a standing water 'thus providing a favorable habitat for fishes that prefer it. On the other hand as the river Tisza passes throught the lake it also supplies the area with typical middle-section fish species, whose are mainly found in flowing waters.

The carp, the pike, the wels catfish that could be found in enormous sizes, the asp which raids the common bleaks under the surface, the clean-water favoruing tench, etc. can also be found here.

Throught the mosaic water surface of both the aquatic and wet habitats the lake is extremely rich in amphibians, like the fire-bellied toad, the blue nuptial plumaged moor frog and to forget the stressful life the choirs of green frogs give summer concerts. The reptiles are represented by harmless grass snake or by our only native turtle specie: the pond turtle.

For most of the people who come here besides the picaresque landscape the second most important factor is the joy of birdwatching. So far 157 bird species have been registered in the Lake Tisza from the approx. 400 bird species native in Hungary. 73 species are also nesting in this area. In addition to the nesting species the migratory birds should also be mentioned, which almost only can be observed during at the autmun and spring migration period.

Among our nesting species the night heron is famous for its place in hungarian folklore. Along with him the coot and grey heron are also common as do the the marsh harrier which is a marvelous sight as it's hunting above the reed and cattail.

It is a spectacular sight to see the squacco herons walking calmly and methodically, while the crested grebes and their mating dance is a heartwarming experience to encounter. Meanhwhile the flocks of great-reed warblers and another singing birds' song accompanies us during our tours.

During the autum and spring migration period we can also observe many bird species besides the local ones. Masses of greylag- and white-fronted geese spend their time for a brief or longer period in the waters of the reservoir. These masses are accompanied by peregrine falcons, whom are often encountered in these times. For some migratory birds Lake Tisza is not just a stop in the middle of their way, but they also spend the wintertime here. A number of birds from northern Europe for example tufted ducks, eurasian wigeons, smews and goosanders spend their winter times besides the crowd of geese. A truly spectacular view is when one of the groups constisting of thousands of birds are alarmed when the white-tailed eagles are appearing to look for food.

Well such experiences can be an integral part for those who visit Lake Tisza (which we hope that is already in your mind)

Lake Tisza and the EcoTours of Lake Tisza are both waiting for our dear guests


Here you can find the latest news about Lake Tisza.

Summer is over, but the EcoTours of Lake Tisza still waiting for it's guests for water trips, birding trips and nature photography trips!

As the autumn came, one of the most exciting and sightful period started at Lake Tisza. The mild season brought the migrating birds with itself, and the vegetation turns into the beautiful autumn colors.

On our water trips you can enjoy the reflection of the autumn colours on the smooth water in the mild autumn sunlight, while you listen about Lake Tisza.

For the bird lovers this season is a real paradise to find and watch the more than 80 migrating bird species. It is an exciting and memorable fun in autumn and in winter too.

And the nature photographers can take home these memories on pictures made in quite and calm enviornment.

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The EcoTours of Lake Tisza is waiting for you in autumn too!

Spring is here and the Ecotours of Lake Tisza is waiting for you!

Discover Lake Tisza with a boat or a canoe in the mild spring weather, while we easily floating across the nature, just come alive. Have a look in the secret life of the birds, while the hundreds of tunes of them lead on our way, and with some luck we can share a very memorable moment watching the romantic mating dance of the crested greebes.

In some nature photographer circles the great reed warbler and the night heron are the favorites, but we are sure every photographer will find the favourite theme from the almost 80 nesting bird species, and from the other thousand faces of Lake Tisza. Just think of the beevers racing with our boat in the dawn light, or the hundreds of the most beautiful waterplants. We know, every photographer will find that moment to catch.

The migration of the birds is soon over in April, but bird watchers always can find some surprise among the 157 bird species can be seen on Lake Tisza. We guarantee, you can watch birds with the least disturbance with boat or canoe.

From now we are waiting for your bookings for our water trips, nature photography trips or our birding trips until the end of October. You can discover Lake Tisza with our 6 person boat or if you have a wish for a more active tour, you can go with canoes.

For the trips you can check in here, on our website with filling the booking form above, or on our facebook site, in a private message. By the way, we are waiting for your booking in e-mail too.

For more information, about prices or if you have any questions please contact us via our e-mail adress.

Lake Tisza and the Ecotors of Lake Tisza are waiting for you In 2019 too!